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  • Writing-World.com

    A web resource on writing art, writing skills, international writing, writers, etc. ~Details

  • BBC Get Writing

    h2g2 is guide to Life, the Universe and, well, Everything. Have thousands of entries on all manner of subjects, all written by professionals. ~Details

  • Writers Write

    Provides resources for information about the books, publishing and writing. Features articles, author interviews, book review and news. ~Details

  • BloomsburyMagazine

    Year book is maintained to help writers to make into print and to develop their career, and give artists advice on how to exhibit or publish work ~Details

  • Writer Beware

    Warnings about Literary Fraud and the Schemes, Scams, and Pitfalls that Target Writers. ~Details

  • Coffeehouse for Writers

    Internet-based community of writers from all genres, writers provide you guidance and support in your quest. Contains online writing workshops, free monthly contests and discussion forums. ~Details

  • Resource Central

    This site contains the resources and links for writing, writing tools. You can improve writing skills, grammar, spelling with daily writing tips. ~Details

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